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The Purple Flying Monkey gets stuff done even when we have no clue how.

It all started during college and there after. I got a job and the first thing they want me to fix was there new NT 4.0. Seems every time they booted up the server it would re-detect the backup drive and this was driving them batty. In turn the boss comes up and say fix it, now before this I have never touched or seen a NT server before. I took a little bit but my Purple flying monkey fixed the problem. Well every since then when there is something that I don't know what the hell it is or it's almost impossible the purple flying monkey comes out and fixes it. This works for just about everything and my PFM (Purple Flying Monkey) has gotten really good at a lot of things. This site will show some of the stuff my PFM has helped with.

1971 Torino from the ground up

1964 Ford F100 Pickup

1965 Ford F250 Crew Cab

 You know I sometimes feel like this. 


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Blue Lightning Rust Remover (This is the really good stuff)

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This Viking Kittens video has disappeared from rathergood.com without a mention.

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